Individual Sessions: Clients meet one on one with the therapist. After completing an assessment together, the client and therapist will collaborate to set goals and develop an individualized treatment plan.
Group Sessions: Where available, clients may attend a group therapy session. The therapist will facilitate a series of experiences, such as drum circles, facilitated discussion, or progressive muscle relaxation to meet collective goals of the group such as relieving stress or emotional expression.
Family Sessions: Family sessions focus on the entire family as a client. The therapist and the family will complete an assessment, set goals specific to the needs of the whole family, and develop a treatment plan.
Consultation: Consultations can be scheduled to discuss the resources and potential benefits of therapy services in therapeutic, educational, and professional settings.
In-services and presentations: Music Therapy and Marriage and Family therapy are well-established fields within the United States and worldwide. An in-service or presentation is an ideal way to learn about music therapy, current research, and to gain insight into therapy benefits in specific populations and settings.

*Payment for all services is to be provided prior to or at the time of services render. All invoices will include an NPI number which can be submitted by the client to their insurance provider for potential reimbursement.