Coping with Chronic Pain Featured in Local News

Kathryn Eberle Cotter, MT-BC was interviewed by the Butler Eagle for a feature on music therapy and the Music and Wellness program for patients with chronic illness and their caregivers. In describing the purpose of the group, Kathryn explained that the focus is on obtaining skills to navigate the physical and emotional pain and stress associated with chronic illness so that patients can exercise more agency over their symptom management. When so much about illness is outside of the patient’s and family’s control, having resources that return some autonomy are so valuable.

“We’re talking about pain management, we’re talking about stress management, we’re talking about rest and relaxation, we’re talking about muscle control and releasing tension, and we are going to use music to reach those goals.”

The full article appeared in the Butler Eagle Summer Health & Fitness section Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

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Drumming at Camp Erin


Kathryn Eberle Cotter, MT-BC spent Saturday June 9th with the kids at Camp Erin of Pittsburgh drumming for bereavement support. Campers designed and painted their own drums, made for them by camp staff and volunteers, to reflect the people they came to camp to remember.


During the music therapy sessions campers engaged in a variety of drumming experiences to honor and remember their loved one, express their emotions, and develop deep breathing and relaxation techniques to support them through the intensities of the grief process. KSEC Music Therapy Services is proud to have been a part of such an incredible program.

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